21 December 2014

Special Quiz 2: Patterns

It's good to use specific words to describe things. Let's see if you can match these five very common patterns with their names. But first...know the words!

ar_ _le
p_ _s
ho_ _ _ _ _ _ _th
p_ _ _ _ _ y
f _ _ _ _ - _ _ - _ _s






16 August 2014

Special Quiz: Classic Tales

Here are ten sets of character names from great stories. 
Give the title of each book and its author.

1. Pip and Magwitch
2. Mary Lennox and Colin Craven
3. Jonas, Asher, Lily
4. Scout Finch and Boo Radley
5. Holden and Phoebe
6. Ponyboy and Sodapop
7. Meg, Charles, and Mrs. Who
8. Wilbur and Templeton
9. Jesse, Leslie, and Miss Edmunds
10. Aunt Polly and Dr. Chilton

This quiz is open to all Scribblers. Hurry, send your answers as comment below.

12 July 2014

Quiz #1: Sounds Greek

Answer these questions:

1. What poison did Socrates drink when he was forced to commit suicide?
2. What was the first event in the Olympics in which runners sprinted for 192 meters?
3. What oil was burnt in sacred lamps of Greek temples as well as the "eternal flame" of the ancient Olympic Games?
4. What was the rigorous education and training mandated for Spartan males called?
5. What were the people of the lowest class in Sparta called? They were slaves or serfs owned by the state.
6. What is the English word of Greek origin which means "concise or using very few words" and describes the Spartans' minimum use of words?
7. Aristotle established a school in a grove of trees named in honor of Apollo. What was it named?
8. Who was the ruler of ancient Athens when it got its name from the goddess Athena?
9. Which spouse of Zeus was the embodiment of prudence, wisdom, and wise counsel?
10. Who was the greatest and longest lasting democratic leader of Athens?

Welcome Back to ScribbleBox Year 7!

05 February 2014

Quiz #4: Grrrrammar

Correct these common grammatical errors:

2. We talked about school stuffs.
3. If I was taller, I would join the basketball team.
4. She is the kind of friend who only gives advices when you ask for them.
5. You need to really work on it if you want to win.

(Your comment serves as your entry. Only one entry per person will be accepted. Thank you.)

18 January 2014

Quiz #3: Understanding Characters

Choose the corresponding letter of the correct answer.

1. In the movie "Frozen," which character serves as a comic relief?
A. Anna
B. Elsa
C. Kristoff
D. Olaf
E. The Duke of Weselton

2. Which of the following is a flat and static character?
A. Hans
B. The Duke of Weselton
C. Elsa
D. Anna
E. Kristoff

3. Complete this analogy
A. mother : sister
B. weak : strong
C. fearful : impulsive
D. awkward : graceful
E. beautiful : ugly

4. Who is the main protagonist in the story?
A. Elsa
B. Anna

5. Who is the antagonist in the story?
A. Marshmallow
B. Sven
C. Hans
D. Pabbie
E. Oaken

Send your answers as comment below.

05 January 2014

Quiz #2: Vocabulary

Complete each sentence with the appropriate word. Send your answers as comment below.

1. Miss Bigtas was taken aback by Jason's (reverence, obsequiousness, impudence). Never before had she seen such a disrespectful child.

2. The mayor's plan faced (vehement, weak, ambiguous) opposition from the class. Everybody was clearly against it.

3. Her (buoyant, jocund, lugubrious) mien told me that I should not talk further about the topic.

4. His appearance at the event was an (plain, evasive, unctuous, ) effort to appear sympathetic to the people.

5. Compared to Marion, who is quite outgoing, Minerva is a bit (diffident, aesthetic, loquacious).

6. I was able to (satiate, eschew, congeal) the girl scout selling cookies in my neighborhood, but only for so long. 

7. A (carping, overt, respectable) mother will drive any decent person to insanity.

8. Her interest in the project was purely (decorous, pecuniary, innocuous). Everybody knows her attitude with money.

9. When Superman is faced with cryptonite, he moves into a state of (exigency, mordant, atrophy) which requires him to struggle to be strong.

10. In the movie Titanic, people were seen hanging on to the (flotsam, jetty, fortress) in order to stay afloat.

Writing to Toby

In October, we received a letter from Toby Little, now six years old, from the United Kingdom. Toby is learning about and exploring the world through letters from different countries. He and his family are working on his Writing to the World project. Read more about him here.

Toby asked us three questions: (1) Are the chocolate hills really made of chocolates? (2) Was it scary when Mt. Mayon erupted? (3) What is your school like?

We answered him through pop-up books and games. You can see our work through the following links:

Click the photo to go to Toby's site.
Click the photo to go to our Facebook account.

12 November 2013

Straight from your Second Quarter Test Paper

In the short story "A Rose for Emily," why do you think Emily deserves a rose on her funeral?

Emily, being entirely mysterious after her father's death and worsened after the disappearance of Homer Barron, deserves a rose for keeping her head high even if she was alone with only a negro servant to tend to her needs because her strict father drove all her suitors away. She didn't get angry at the fact that the townspeople were always talking about her and gossiping on what she might be doing inside her house, talking about how her life should be, betting if she will marry Homer Barron or not and meddling in her life since her father passed away. She survived the loneliness that brought her to incarcerate herself in her house and age until she finally died. That sort of life would be hard for anybody. But Emily did live it. And that is why she deserves a rose on her funeral.
- Angelica Naz, IV-Einstein

The rose may symbolize love, freedom and feminism -- the three things that Emily didn't have but longed for. As a child, Emily Grierson didn't receive the love that she expected from her father. Even as a grown woman, she was not allowed by her father to date, which again hindered her craving for affection. As for freedom and feminism, she did not experience the life that should be experienced by a woman. The reason behind this is, again, her father's controlling attitude.
- Nicole Kate Sison, IV-Galileo

Explain the metaphorical quote: Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm. (Publilius Syrus)

This means that when a situation is in control, or when everything's all right, anyone can do anything they want with no one opposing them. When a situation is normal, everyone act like themselves, probably carefree and enjoying. But when the storm lashes against the boat -- when the situation is going out of our hands, and everybody who was so carefree before are panicking -- it takes a strong person to grip the helm and steer the ship into the calm waters, to take control and relieve the situation before it worsens.
- Vivienne Faye Naag, IV-Galileo

Anyone can be a leader, a good one, if his or her followers are calm, understanding, and cooperative. They don't overreact, they don't cause disturbances such as rallies, etc.anyone can be a leader when the people he or she leads are people who are placid, because he or she knows that the people will not criticize the things he or she does; they might even help the leader in his or her advocacy.
- Johann Patrick dela Cruz, IV-Newton

02 November 2013

Exercise on Writing Captions

IT STARTED WITH A KISS. A kiss seals the friendship between Krakow, a local horse, and Scribblebox, a tourist from the Philippines last December 29, 2012 in Suprasl, Bialystok, Poland. (by Aika Paje and Lorraine Labrador, IV-Newton)